Binary Search Tree and Red-Black Tree in C#

Willing to implement some missing(?) base functionality in my own library to extend .NET i found these articles: Working with Red-Black Trees in C#, An Extensive Examination of Data Structures and Implementing a Red-Black Tree in C#.
While the first seems to be exactly what i was looking for, the second article on MSN provides some additional reading about datastructures. The sourcecode examples are somehow outdated cause they are written for .NET 2.0 but neverless its quite basic knowledge for everyone well explained. The last article reminds me at some point how i would have done it 10 years before 😉 I didnt read it at all, just got a quick look at the sources and my first thought was: Too much lines of code for a Red-Black Tree! But i should give it a second try – also the rest of the blog holds some extensive examples of different programming patterns. And you can never know enough about it…

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