What the fuck is WUBI?!

The answer is as easy as the program itself: Its an ubuntu installer for windows. If u are a windows user but sometimes u need a linux u could install yourself a virtual machine.

I used VirtualBox for a long time – it was great but it was slow! As i decided to switch to Windows 7 i also decided to try an alternativ and what i found was WUBI. And now im happy: Its easier to install than a virtual machine, no need for an extra partition and its fast! The only sad thing: Switching between Windows and Ubuntu needs a computer restart…

2 thoughts on “What the fuck is WUBI?!

  1. I just want Linux for my kids to get into the games, especially gcompris. Not the shortened version on Windows but the full regalia.
    And if I install Wubi, how would I go about installing gcompris?

  2. WUBI installs a complete ubuntu in some kind of virtual drive/directory (follow the link above) – so u get a full Ubuntu OS without any restrictions. If u need a “how to” for installing software under Ubuntu just follow this link (there might be other/better HowTo’s out there – just did a quick search). GCompris seems to be a “standard” software that can be easily installed with the help of ubuntus package management…

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