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Charlie Winston – Buy before die

Not all european people might have heard this name before – but they should! His single first “Like a hobo” is more often played in the radio in the last days. And this time for a good reason: Its great! Not only the single – the whole CD “Hobo” is! And if u ask me: The song “Like a hobo” is not my favorite, but neverless its rocks like the whole album. It might be hard for you to listen more than the first 3 songs, cause u will repeat them endlessly!! So remember the name: Charlie Winston. Give it a try…

PS: I dont get paid for any commercial, im just enthusiastic 😉


Nice site for guitar players – lyrics and chords

Found this site today:
Just bookmarked it but im to afraid of loosing the link by upgrading the browser or reinstall the OS ;), so i just added a new category and voila – here it is.