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Symbolic or hard links in Windows

I just stumbled over the “mklink” command cause I had problems with my Android emulator – PANIC! The reason is my re-located user directory another partition.

Could be easily solved by the following command:

mklink /J "c:\users\myuser\.android" "d:\.android"

(just used /J instead of /D option (as suggested in the post above))


Clipboard event handling

And another very nice site i found here: An very good example how to keep track of clipboardcontent. No time to go into deeper details… maybe later, just follow the link by now!

What the fuck is WUBI?!

The answer is as easy as the program itself: Its an ubuntu installer for windows. If u are a windows user but sometimes u need a linux u could install yourself a virtual machine.

I used VirtualBox for a long time – it was great but it was slow! As i decided to switch to Windows 7 i also decided to try an alternativ and what i found was WUBI. And now im happy: Its easier to install than a virtual machine, no need for an extra partition and its fast! The only sad thing: Switching between Windows and Ubuntu needs a computer restart…